Improving health outcomes through technology

Aiming to improve healthcare with the use of IT and computer science, this program explores themes including the role of IT planning, robotics and mobile applications in healthcare, the adoption of electronic medical records, and assistive technologies for aged care.


Constructing and investigating an Internet-based community of users for enhancing user adoption of personally controlled electronic health records (PCEHR) in Australia: This project attempts to contribute to promoting PCEHR among Australians by extracting lessons learned from its previous adopters and providing the guidelines and strategies to the PCEHR governance team.

Way-finding app and prenatal booking system research for Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service: Developing a way-finding application for the Gold Coast University Hospital, including general hospital information and maps. This project will also automate the existing manual booking process for patients.

Evaluating users’ adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) at Gold Coast Hospital: This project investigates user adoption of Electronic Health Records (EMR) at Gold Coast University Hospital. Through a deep qualitative study, this project seeks to get to find barriers and facilitators of EMR user adoption.

Device integration framework (DIF) for e-health bridging the gap between medical devices and electronic records: Designing a pattern for DIF that is capable of integrating the various EMD systems with existing EMR and health information.

Key publications

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