Innovative research into artificial, image processing and robotics

In our fast-paced world, the next generation of products, tools, services and systems will need to exhibit built-in intelligence. These features will make new technologies more user-friendly, capable, effective and adaptive in responding to the needs of complex and changing environments. We conduct applied research with the aim of incorporating human behaviours into intelligence devices. These have the potential for commercialisation and to benefit the wider community.


Environmental informatics

Health informatics

Artificial intelligence (AI)




Autonomous systems, robotics and semantic web




Computer vision and signal processing




Cyber security and network security



Machine learning, data analytics and big data




Software engineering and software quality




Current Projects

Early Anomaly Detection for Streaming Data - BushFire Detection

Minimising Human Efforts to Fight Fake News and Restore the Public Trust

Beat the Tide Game Design and Development

ARC Research Hub for Driving Farming Productivity and Disease Prevention

Developing key vision technology for automation of aquaculture farming factory

Searching for Near-Exact Protein Models

Single model irregular-region retrieval for rapid plant disease detection

Subband centroids and deep neural networks for robust speech recognition

A Socially Conscious Smart IoT Platform for Water Quality Monitoring

Harnessing social media and data analytics on how people have been influenced and react to pandemic’s situation and introduced measures

Road Freight and Network Efficiency: Linking Road Freight Data and Traffic Management Systems in Real Time to Improve Network Outcomes

Machine Vision for Assisting Automation of Aquaculture Farming

System Analysis of Shaanxi Transport and Logistic Information Service Platform

Trust & Context: taming open world problems using narrative-based modelling techniques

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