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Study Information

Survey sponsor

Griffith University has been contracted by eSafety to conduct research on technology-facilitated abuse involving children in the context of domestic and family violence.

Why is the study being conducted?

  • This study seeks information about how children are involved in technology-facilitated abuse in situations of domestic and family violence.

What will you do?

  • Participation involves completing an on-line questionnaire
  • We anticipate completion taking about 20 minutes

What will we do?

  • We treat all questionnaire information as strictly confidential and store all answers on secure Griffith University computers designed for this purpose. A final dataset without identifying information may be used for data analysis on non-University computers by members of our research team or the study’s sponsors.
  • We will publish results in academic and government sources such as reports, journal articles, conference presentations and academic theses. Publications will contain summaries of the answers we receive from the study’s participants, but will never identify any participant
  • You may request a plain-language summary of results at the end of the survey.

Participant selection

  • The study is open to domestic violence, social service, legal and criminal justice professionals who know the details of cases involving domestic and family violence.

Participation benefits

  • Participation is voluntary
  • We intend that results may eventually help improve the way those experiencing domestic and family violence are assisted but cannot promise other benefits
  • You will not be penalised for participating in, or not participating in, the online study, or for withdrawing at any time


  • If you suspect that answering questions about domestic violence involving technology and children will distress you, it is recommended that you do not participate in this research.

If you feel distressed after completing the survey, you can contact Lifeline, which provides access to online, phone or face-to-face support, call 13 11 14 for 24 hour telephone crisis support. For people aged up to 25, you can also call the Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800.


Questions/further information

  • For questions about this study or to receive a copy of this form or other information, contact Dr. Ackerman at the address below

Research ethics

  • Griffith University Human Research Ethics Committee has approved this study (GU reference number 2019/886)
  • You may contact the manager on 3735 4375 or for concerns


  • Collected information is confidential and used only in a de-identified matter. This means identifiers are removed prior to data analysis
  • Individual survey responses will be stored separately from the analysed results.
  • Identified personal information is collected only if you volunteer this information. Information will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except to meet government, legal or other regulatory authority requirements. De-identified data may be used for research purposes including publishing openly (e.g. in an open access repository). However, your privacy will at all times be safeguarded. For further information, see the University’s Privacy Plan here or phone (07) 3735 4375

Dr J. Ackerman

Griffith Criminology Institute

Queensland, Australia

Phone (07) 555 28013