Uncovering the secrets of the quantum world through experimentation

Welcome to Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory, led by Prof. Geoff Pryde. Here we use photons to investigate the fundamental rules of quantum physics and how to use them to make revolutionary quantum technologies.

Our work directly addresses important research questions in quantum computing, remote processing, quantum information security and precision measurement. Our lab is part of the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, a research centre comprised of Australian and international groups working to develop world-leading quantum devices.

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Successful female candidates that have secured a new PhD or Honours role at QOIL can now apply for a top-up scholarship (PhD top-up $5,000AUD per annum for up to 3 years and Honours top-up $1,500AUD for one year), provided by the ARC Centre for Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology.

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Our paper on Local friendliness and  a strong no-go theorem on the Wigner’s friend paradox has been published in Nature Physics. You can read about how it reveals contradiction between widely-held beliefs in our Griffith press-release, Science, or read the News&Views cover from Časlav Brukner.

Our paper about a photonic quantum processor capable of generation all possible futures of a stochastic process has been published in Nature Communications! See our Griffith press-release and numerous interviews and media covers.

Our review on quantum information processing is accessible on Applied Physics Reviews and on ArXiv. There we briefly cover a few topics in experimental and theoretical quantum computing with photons and provide further references to numerous reviews for an in depth study of the subject.


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