Increasing farm production and disease prevention by advancing and transferring new artificial intelligence technologies into industrial deployment.

ARC Research Hub

The Hub combines world-leading capabilities in machine vision, machine learning, software quality control, engineering, biology, and farming industries to invent and adopt technologies to build more intelligent systems that can automatically determine what goal to achieve in a dynamic environment and the most efficient plan to achieve it.

The outcomes of this Hub will enable higher farming efficiency, lower production costs and disease risks, giving the Australian industry a great advantage in global competition, and creating new business opportunities.

The ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Driving Farming Productivity and Disease Prevention received Australian Government funding of $5 million through the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Program.

Our team

Chief Investigators

Fellows, Engineers and HDR students

ARC Hub Brochure

Research projects

The research in this hub consists of two themes: Key Technological Research and Key Translational Research.

Project 1. Computer vision and machine learning for object detection and recognition in cluttered environments

Project 2. Big data analytics techniques for video processing and time series analysis

Project 3. System integration and quality control

Project 4. Larvae/seed/billet selection for the early stage of farming activities

Project 5. Crop and animal growing condition monitoring

Project 6. Early detection of disease and pest in production environment

Project 7. Automatic product grading and harvesting

Project 8. Smart decision making for AI system

Outcomes and impact

Media release

Griffith University’s leadership in incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into farming production to automate tasks such as strawberry quality control and larvae counting has been recognised with $5 million in funding from the Australian Government.

Benefits and impact

The projects will develop transformative technologies and apply them to flagship farms, which will significantly increase farming productivity and reshape Australian farm labourers into a higher quality and more productive workforce, giving the Australian aquaculture and agriculture industries a great advantage in global competition. The success of this Hub will enable lower production costs, higher farming efficiency, better sustainable business development, and more effective protection of ecosystem and environment over the current practices of Australian farms.


Official Hub Launch

The ARC Research Hub for Driving Farming Productivity and Disease Prevention was officially opened this week at the Griffith University Nathan campus by Senator the Honourable Amanda Stoker, Assistant Minister to the Attorney General, Assistant Minister for Women, Assistant Minister for Industrial Relations and Ms Judi Zielke PSM, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Research Council (see full story here).

Smart Agriculture Symposium

The Hub held it's 2nd Smart Agriculture Symposium this week (Monday, 7 March). The Symposium brought together key stakeholders to present and discuss current research, trends and technologies in the Smart Agriculture sphere. It highlighted current research progress of AI and smart technology for agriculture/horticulture and discussed the challenges, need and potential commercialisation of developed technologies.

Hub Deputy Director (Associate Professor Jun Zhou) introduced the following speakers:

    Professor in Crop Physiology, Centre for Crop Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
    Dr Rieks van Klinken, Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO Health and Biosecurity
    Associate Professor Chengyuan Yu, School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences and Institute for Future Farming Systems
    Central Queensland University
    Dr Xiaohan Yu, Research Fellow
    ARC Research Hub for Driving Farming Productivity and Disease Prevention
    Don Chathurika Amarathunga, PhD student, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
    Monash University
    Professor Qin Li, Chief Investigator, ARC Research Hub for Driving Farming Productivity and Disease Prevention
    Professor of Environmental Engineering, Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre, Griffith University

Research Excellence Award

Hub Chief Investigators were recently awarded the Griffith University Vice Chancellor's Research Excellence Award for "Promoting Industry Engagement in Graduate Research" in recognition of their work in facilitating on-site research and development opportunities for HDR students, enabling direct engagement with industry.