Work and Careers in Australian Universities


This survey is part of an ARC–funded project (Linkage grant 2009–2012) being undertaken by a team of researchers at Griffith University, the University of Queensland, and industry partners UniSuper, Universities Australia (UA) and the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU).

The project focuses on the workplace issues that affect the work and careers of all university employees, and on the change that the university sector has undergone in recent years. In light of the changing nature of university employment and university management, this project has international relevance, and its focus on all university staff, including general and professional staff and casual academic staff, allows us to examine the impact of the changing university workplace on all university employees.

The involvement of our Industry Partners means that outcomes from this research can be translated into strategies, policies and practices to improve working conditions and career opportunities for Australian university employees.

Our survey

This is the first survey of its kind since the mid–1990s, and it will allow us to examine the ways in which the sector has changed over the past fifteen years, and to assess the impact of these changes on university employees. Our survey data will build on the data from an earlier survey of Australian universities (Probert et al., Gender Pay Equity in Australian Higher EducationNTEU: Melbourne).

While most studies of university employment focus exclusively on academic staff, we are interested in all university employees. We have designed three different surveys, one for each of the following groups of university staff:

  • General and professional staff
  • Academic staff
  • Casual/sessional teaching staff.

These three surveys are tailored around the specific employment issues that affect these different groups, as well as the overarching issues that affect the sector as a whole. The surveys allow us to engage with the different employment experiences of these different groups of university employees, and the data from these three surveys will provide detailed information about university employment across the sector from three different perspectives.


Data was collected at 19 universities between August 2011 and January 2012 with 21,991 university workers across Australia participating.

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Chief investigators

Research Fellow

  • Dr C Troup (Griffith University, Australia)

PhD candidate

  • Robyn May (formerly of Griffith University, Australia)

More information

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