The Frontline Manager's Leadership Role


Leadership is one of the most discussed and debated topics in the social sciences (Avolio, et al., 2003; Bass, 1990; Bennis, 2007), yet very little is known about the leadership role of front-line managers (FLMs; as distinct from middle and senior managers). This research project will identify and examine the leadership roles, capabilities and challenges for FLMs in the Australian education, healthcare, public service, hospitality and retail sectors. Specifically, the project will determine the full range of the role including the extent of the leadership responsibilities required by FLMs—a traditionally supervisory/ lower management role, and the associated training and development needs associated with it.

Funded by the Centre for Workplace Leadership  (2014–2015)

Chief investigators

  • Associate Professor Keith Townsend (Griffith University, Australia) -
  • Dr Rebecca Loudoun (Griffith University, Australia)
  • Associate Professor Ashlea Troth (Griffith University, Australia)

More information

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