Taking the pulse at work


The project is an in-depth investigation using national surveys and company interviews of the state of employer–employee relations and the breadth and depth of workplace problems in Australian enterprises. Topics only lightly covered in previous research get in-depth analysis: the cooperative versus adversarial climate in workplaces; the type and intensity of workplace problems experienced by managers and employees; the effect of deteriorated relations and problems on organisational performance; and assessments of managers’ and employees’ strengths and shortcomings. Similar surveys are done for the USA to benchmark Australian experience and derive comparative lessons. Numerous measures for improvement in practice and policy are identified.

Funded by the Australian Research Council (Discovery grant 2014–2016)

Chief investigators

  • Professor Adrian Wilkinson (Griffith University, Australia) - adrian.wilkinson@griffith.edu.au
  • Associate Professor Michael Barry (Griffith University, Australia)

Partner investigators

  • Professor Bruce Kaufman (Georgia State University, USA and Griffith University)
  • Associate Professor Rafael Gomez (University of Toronto, Canada)

Research outputs

  • Barry, Michael., Dundon, Tony., & Wilkinson, Adrian. 2018. "Employee voice: Conceptualisations, meanings, limitations and possible integration", The Routledge Companion to Employment Relations, Routledge.
  • Kaufman, Bruce., Barry, Michael., Gomez, Raphael., & Wilkinson, Adrian. (2018). "Evaluating the State of the Employment Relationship: A Balanced Scorecard Approach Built on Mackenzie King’s Model of an Industrial Relations System", Industrial Relations Quarterly Review, vol. 4, no. 73, pp. 664-701.
  • Wilkinson, Adrian and Barry, Michael (in press). "Taking the pulse at work: an employment relations scorecard in Australia", Journal of Industrial Relations.
  • Wilkinson, Adrian., Barry, Michael., Kaufman, Bruce., & Gomez, Raphael. (2018). Taking the Pulse at Work: Employer-employee relations and workplace problems in Australia compared to the United States. Brisbane: Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing, Griffith Business School, Griffith University.
  • Wilkinson, Adrian., Barry, Michael., Gomez, Raphael & Kaufman, Bruce. (2018). "Taking the pulse at work: An employment relations scorecard for Australia", Journal of Industrial Relations, vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 145-175.

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