Improving People Management Systems in the Emergency Services


Operational workloads place strain on the capacity of ambulance officers to perform their roles and also contribute to psychological stress. People management systems and support mechanisms are often not configured to ameliorate the impact of these stressors. This four-study research project will identify the organisational subsystems that affect the long-term employment for emergency service workers along with other individual and organisational outcomes.

Central to this research is to ensure that the best support for workers in emergency service organisations (specifically, paramedics) is provided, which will in turn provide the best services for patients so contribute to wellbeing more generally. The research will assist organisations where employees work in the context of trauma, to ensure that their various systems of people management (HRM systems, work systems, support systems) fit together to ensure improved outcomes for them, but also for employees through, for example, reducing stressors and improving long-term employment.

Funded by the Australian Research Council (Linkage grant 2016–2018)

Chief investigators

  • Associate Professor Keith Townsend (Griffith University, Australia) -
  • Associate Professor Rebecca Loudoun (Griffith University, Australia)
  • Professor Adrian Wilkinson (Griffith University, Australia)

Research fellows

  • Dr Hanh Dao-Tran (Griffith University, Australia)
  • Dr Ashlea Kellner (Griffith University, Australia)

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