Customising work through manager-employee exchange


This project explores how managers and employees customise the terms and conditions of standardised employment arrangements. The results will inform legislation such as right to request provisions and organisational strategies such as manager training, which support effective, mutually beneficial manager–employee exchanges.

Funded by the Australian Research Council (Discovery grant 2012–2014)

Chief investigators

Research outputs

  • Cathcart, Abby, McDonald, Paula, Graham, Tina and Townsend, Keith 2013, “The sound of silence: the absence of voice in determining flexible working arrangements”, in Changes and Challenges in a Globalising World, University of Sydney, New South Wales.
  • Cathcart, Abby, McDonald, Paula,Townsend, Keith and Pocock, Barbara 2013, “Asking for it? Practices and structures that perpetuate employee silence in pursuing customised work arrangements”, in States of Work : Visions and Interpretations of Work, Employment, Society and the State, BSA Publications Ltd, University of Warwick, United Kingdom.
  • McDonald, Paula and Townsend, Keith 2012, “One size fits one: customizing work through manager-employee exchange”. In 16th International Labour and Employment Relations Association World Congress 2012: Beyond Borders: Governance of Work in a Global Economy, 2-5 July, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • McDonald, Paula, Townsend, Keith and Wharton, Amy 2013, “The legitimation and reproduction–discourse practice gaps in work–life balance”, Personnel Review, vol. 42,. no. 2, pp. 205–222.

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