Evidence-based research on the modern workforce

Our research examines six key contemporary workforce issues to help us understand how organisations  and individuals are responding to the demands of a constantly changing business environment.

Recent major projects

A Dynamic Model Linking Organisational Systems to Clinical Performance in Australian Hospital

Advancing Occupational Stress Research: A Comprehensive Trail of the Healthy Workplaces Program

Behavioural Risk Factors (SNAPO) for Cardiovascular Disease in the Queensland Construction Industry

Career Progression of Women in the Public Sector in “The World’s Happiest Country”, Bhutan

Corporate Ownership and Global Wellbeing: Some Implications for Sustainability

Customising Work Through Manager–Employee Relations Performance and Employee Wellbeing

Developing the Tourism Workforce of the Future in the APEC Region

Employee–Employer Relations and Workplace Challenges in the United States, Australia and United Kingdom

Employee Voice in Australia: the Impact of Employee Participation Arrangements and Organisational Performance and Employee Wellbeing

The Frontline Manager’s Leadership Role: An Elusive Theoretical and Practical Challenge?

Gender Equity in Australian Universities

Improving People Management Systems in Emergency Services

Intimidation and Voice of Research Scientists

Leading Technology and Workplace Innovation

Managing Anger Responses to Perceptions of Unfair

Measuring Improvements in Enterprise Bargaining

Protecting While They Prosper? Organisational Responses to Whistleblowing

Queensland’s Farm Businesswomen: Developing Their Potential

SMARTMinds: Safety Issues in Recruitment

Taking the Pulse at Work: Employer–Employee Relations and Workplace Problems in Australia Compared to the USA

The Relationship Between Working Arrangements and Wellbeing in Regional Coal–Mining Communities

Transport Workers Union of Australia (Queensland branch)

Who Wants to be a Teacher? Supporting the Transition, Wellbeing, and Retention of New Teachers

Work and Careers in Australian Universities

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