1.  Click on the wireless network icon in your system tray

2.  Click Change the order of preferred networks

3.  Click Add to add a new wireless network profile

4.  Type in Eduroam as network name (case sensitive) and select Network Authentication as per screenshot

5.  Select Authentication tab

6.  Select Protected EAP (PEAP) as EAP type, uncheck as per item 2 then click Properties

7.  Click Configure as per screenshot

8.  Uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and password then click OK

9.  Click OK to close the Protected EAP PropertiesWireless network Properties and the Wireless Network Connection Properties windows

10.  Click on balloon in the system tray

11.  Type in your Griffith Portal username with griffith.edu.au realm (ie. s1234567@griffith.edu.au) and password. Leave logon domain blank as per screenshot

12.  Click on balloon in the system tray

13.  Click OK to accept the server certificate

This completes the process of setting up your computer to access eduroam wireless network.