These instructions have been provided as a guide to help you configure your Android device to connect to the eduroam wireless network. While the wireless network has been designed to support as many platforms and devices as possible, the University does not provide technical support for Android platforms beyond this self-help guide.

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Follow these steps to connect an Android 2.1 device to the eduroam wireless network.

  1. Go to Menu then Settings
  2. Touch Wireless & networks
  3. Touch Wi-Fi settings
  4. Touch eduroam wireless network in the Wi-Fi networks list
  5. Leave EAP method as PEAP
  6. Leave Phase 2 authentication as MSCHAPV2
  7. Type your portal username with realm (ie. into Identity field
  8. Leave the Anonymous Identity field blank
  9. Type in your portal password into the Wireless Password field
  10. Touch Connect

This completes the process of setting up your device to access eduroam wireless network. If you are unable to connect because the connect button is greyed out then please change your 'CA Certificate' option to 'Do not validate' You will now be able to connect.