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You can check your internet usage using My Internet Account, where you can:

  • Check your Internet quota balance
  • Review your Internet usage history
  • Check your active Internet sessions and log out of unneeded sessions

Key features of My Internet Account

Quota and usage history

If you currently have an account with a quota, you will see a red bar indicating your remaining allocated quota for the current month.  This bar will decrease in size as you use up your quota.  Below this, your remaining allocated quota and purchased quota is shown in GB (gigabytes).

Usage for the current month is displayed.  You can see the amount of data you have used that is Charged, and its equivalent dollar value.  You can also see how much data you have used that is Free (this includes sites where there is no charge to access, or any usage during off-peak hours). The Costs page can give you more information about the costs of Internet access.

Please note that usage information is not updated instantly.  You can see your usage history updated as follows:

  • Quota balance listed on the home page – Every 5 minutes
  • Other reports, including quota reports and session information – Every 30 minutes
  • URL report – Daily

Active Sessions

When you use your Internet access, the time between logging in and logging out is referred to as a “session”, and the session is “active” whilst you are still logged in. It is possible for you to have multiple active sessions – you might have one active session on your phone and one on your laptop, for example.

Active sessions are displayed on the front page of My Internet Account.  You can logout selected sessions by clicking on the “Logout Session” button alongside that session’s identifier.  We recommend that you log out of any session you are not currently using, to reduce the risk of someone accessing your account without your knowledge.

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