Queensland College of Art staff

Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing a high quality learning experience

Our teaching staff provide diverse industry experience, real-life context and a commitment to students beyond expectations. They are also invested in researching, publishing, and practicing within a broad range of industry, discipline and cultural domains – passing on the latest knowledge to students.

QCA Executives

Professor Derrick Cherrie
Queensland College of Art

Prof Derrick Cherrie

Professor Cherrie is among the leading contemporary artists in New Zealand and has exhibited his work throughout the country. His sculptural work is both imaginative and innovative in its ability to connect the built environment to the human body.

Dr Dominique Falla
Deputy Director
(QCA Gold Coast)

Dr Dominique Falla

Dr Dominique Falla is known as the “Tactile Typographer” due to the specific nature of her art practice. She has presented at national and international creativity, design, type and lettering conferences and is also the founder at Typism, a global type and lettering community.

Associate Proffessor Elisabeth Findlay
Deputy Director
(Learning and Teaching)

Assoc Prof Elisabeth Findlay

Associate Professor Findlay is an art historian specialising in portraiture and nineteenth century Australian art. She has extensive experience in learning and teaching and curriculum renewal and has taught at all levels, from first year to HDR.

Professor Susan Best

Prof Susan Best

Professor Susan Best is an art historian with expertise in critical theory and modern and contemporary art. She recently completed her third book titled Reparative Aesthetics: Witnessing in Contemporary Art Photography (Bloomsbury 2016).

GFS Executives

Professor Herman van Eyken
Head of
Griffith Film School

Prof Herman van Eyken

Herman van Eyken has a background in scriptwriting, producing and directing. He has directed more than 190 films – shortlisted within international film festivals such as Cannes, New York, Montreal and Vienna. His research interests lay in the area of film policies, cross cultural collaboration and film training needs for professionals.

Professor Trish FitzSimons
Acting Head of
Griffith Film School 2017

Prof Trish FitzSimons

Trish FitzSimons is a documentary film-maker with research interests in documentary history, theory and policy and screen distribution. Much of her media work has explored historical themes. Her recent creative research project entitled Time and Tide: The Life of Norman Creek included developing an exhibition on this theme with the Museum of Brisbane.

Dr Peter Moyes
Acting Deputy Head of
Griffith Film School

Dr Peter Moyes

Peter Moyes specialises in animation and film history and contextual studies. His Doctorate of Visual Art in Animation addresses interactive picture books and pedagogy, while his current research focuses on digital media for ethics education in schools. Peter’s animated film Sunday has been included in major retrospectives and has won a number of awards.

Griffith Experts

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Staff list


Professor Derrick Cherrie

Deputy Directors

Dr Dominique Falla (Deputy Director, Gold Coast)
Associate Professor Elisabeth Findlay (Deputy Director, Teaching and Learning)
Professor Susan Best (Deputy Director, Postgraduate and Research)
Professor Herman van Eyken (Head of Griffith Film School)
Professor Trish FitzSimons (Acting Head of Griffith Film School 2017)
Dr Peter Moyes (Acting Deputy Head of Griffith Film School)

Research and Postgraduate

Professor Susan Best (Deputy Director, Postgrad & Research and Director, GCCAR)
Dr Beck Davis (HDR Convenor and Program Director, Master of Design Futures)
Dr Peter Hegedus (Postgrad & Research Program Director, Film & Screen Media)
Associate Professor Donna Leslie

Fine Art and Art Theory

Dr Bill Platz (Program Director, Fine Art)
Associate Professor Elisabeth Findlay
Ms Elizabeth Shaw
Ms Catherine Large
Dr Julie Fragar
Dr Tim Mosely
Dr Rosemary Hawker
Dr Laini Burton

Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art

Ms Bianca Beetson (Program Director, Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art)


Dr Heather Faulkner (Program Director, Photography)
Professor Jay Younger
Ms Amy Carkeek
Mr Martin Smith
Mr Peter Thiedeke

Creative and Interactive Media

Professor Andrew Brown (Program Director, Interactive Media)
Mr Seth Ellis
Dr Jason Nelson
Dr Dale Patterson
Mr Joshua Nicholas


Dr Dominique Falla (Program Director, Digital Media)
Dr Mike McAuley (Program Director, Design)
Dr Beck Davis (HDR Postgraduate Program Director)
Ms Michelle Douglas (Program Director, Design Masters)
Ms Lorraine Marshalsey (Design)
Dr Eleni Kalantidou (Design)
Mr David Sargent (Graphic and Communication Design and Liveworm Creative Director)
Mr Tristan Schultz (Graphic and Communication Design)
Ms Rae Cooper (Graphic and Communication Design)
Ms Kirsty Volz (Interior Design and Environments)
Ms Petra Perolini (Interior Design and Environments)
Mr Daniel Della-Bosca (Visualisation and Immersive Design)
Dr Sam Canning (3D and Product Design)

Griffith Film School

Head of School

Professor Herman van Eyken
Professor Trish FitzSimons (Acting Head of Griffith Film School 2017)
Dr Peter Moyes (Acting Deputy Head of Griffith Film School)

Film and Screen Media Production

Mr Richard Fabb (Creative Director, LiveLab)
Dr Nico Meissner (Curriculum Planning)
Mr Dean Chircop (Program Director, Film and Screen Media Production)
Dr Margaret McVeigh
Ms Sue Swinburne
Dr Peter Hegedus
Dr Debra Beattie
Ms Erika Addis
Mr Ashley Burgess


Dr Peter Moyes (Acting Deputy Head of Griffith Film School)
Dr Louise Harvey (Program Director, Animation)

Games Design

Mr Gordon Moyes (Program Director, Games Design)
Dr Tim Marsh


Professor Susan Best, Director
Professor Andrew Brown, Deputy Director (Design)
Dr Louise Harvey, Deputy Director (Film)
Dr Julie Fragar, Deputy Director (Fine Art)
Paul Wright, Centre Manager
Georgina Peart, Executive support/Postgraduate officer