Whatever you're studying, student tutors can help you succeed

Our students are highly knowledgeable in a range of areas and boast specialist skill-sets that can help you with your studies.

Many of these skilled students offer their services as tutors to other students of all levels.

Please note: we are currently reviewing this service. You and your Tutor are responsible for agreeing on all matters relating to the Tuition Arrangement.

How a tutor can help you


Develop understanding

Breaking down problems into a series of steps, tutors are able to check your understanding at various points and provide feedback as you learn. This guided prompting known as scaffolding created the framework for effective learning.

Improve Performance

Improve performance

With all the distractions in our hyper-technological world, the interaction of face-to-face tutoring may be exactly what you need to improve your learning outcomes. Week-by-week sessions are a great way to stay on top in a fast-paced learning environment.


Overcome obstacles

Tutors can provide contextual hints at various learning levels to suit your needs and assist you to move past barriers. They’re able to identify the way you learn and adapt content to learning styles, which can help you achieve academic success.


Manage your learning

Stay engaged and share your learning with a knowledgeable tutor. They’ll keep you focused and enthusiastic about your studies. Tutors are experienced guides and will have hints and tips on how to manage your time.

Find a tutor

Search for a tutor in any area of study, in your location and for any level of schooling


We are always looking for students with fantastic academic know-how and the ability to give other students a hand with their studies. There is always demand for personal tutors in all fields and levels of study, and you can help.

Becoming a tutor is a great opportunity to guide those in need of extra tuition through their study materials and provide tailored academic support.

You can choose which levels of education you’d like to tutor, from primary school through to tertiary.

Become a tutor

Get a Blue Card

Get a Blue Card

Tutors working with children under 18 years of age are required to undergo a criminal history and Working with Children Check.

This is also known as a Blue Card Check.

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