Working to understand and improve biological environments

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15 focuses on ecosystems, land management and biodiversity.

Our world-class teaching and research concentrates on advancing our knowledge of the species and their environments and improving our practices and conservation efforts.

Sustainable Development Goals Explained

Life on land


Our highly motivated research experts are committed to understanding and improving the management of biological resources for a sustainable future of our global biodiversity and human occupancy.

Research Centres and Institutes

Phragmites australis

Urgent action needed to protect world’s wetlands

Griffith University researchers have highlighted the urgent need for more effective conservation measures in a world-first assessment of global wetlands and the increasing pressures they face.

A study led by scientists in Griffith’s Australian Rivers Institute in collaboration with scientists from Canada, Spain and the USA has provided a consistent global portrait of inland wetland distribution, conservation status, and human pressure.

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Helping koalas survive urban sprawl

Professor Darryl Jones and his team have carried out over $3 million work of commercial research in the last five years, improving our urban habitats for koalas and humans.  The team have been retrofitting structures and passages across urban roads to help reduce the Koala road toll in Southeast Queensland.

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