Focused on sustainable development

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9 encompasses infrastructure and sustainable industrial development.

Griffith prepares its students for a sustainable and innovative future.  Our research experts from a wide range of professional fields help drive our world-class research in sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Goals Explained

Industry, innovation and infrastructure


Griffith’s world-class research focused on intelligent infrastructure, smart cities, coastal resilience and urban water, and materials for energy storage and conversion align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

Research Centres and Institutes

Cities Research Institute

City experts tackle world’s challenges

As cities and urban populations continue to grow and present vigorous new challenges Griffith University has answered the call by establishing Australia’s largest research facility. The Cities Research Institute team is focussed on four key themes of intelligent infrastructure, quality places and changing communities, smart cities and coastal resilience and urban water.

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Human survival depends on safe, secure and sustainable access to important resources such as food, fresh water and energy.

Engineering students get global perspectives for sustainable infrastructure

Students studying degrees in Engineering, Environmental Science and Environmental Planning took part in a community aid project that supported the work of the NGO ‘Water for Cambodia’ and included building and installing bio-sand water filters in local village houses

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