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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 promotes a sustainable economic growth and decent work for all.

Griffith’s research examines key contemporary workforces issues to help us understand how organisations and individuals are responding to the demands of a constantly changing business environment

Sustainable development goals explained

Decent work and economic growth


Our researchers  explore and utilise macro (international, societal, organisational) and micro (individual) level research around key contemporary workforce issues such as emotion; voice; collectivism; health and safety; wellbeing; equity, diversity and gender; and the management of human capital at work.

Research Centres and Institutes

Bruce Highfield of Olam International speaks at the WOW/ GBS Alumni breakfast

Company values go beyond 'writing on the wall'

Delving deep into the role of company values, Dr Rebecca Loudoun has been developing a recruitment tool around health and safety values.

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Corporate ownership and global wellbeing: some implications for sustainability

Our researchers investigate the changing patterns of ownership of the largest corporations following the global financial crisis, as well as the implications for sustainability, specifically in relation to climate change, but also other environmental and social matters.

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