'Water is not a privilege' Professor Stuart Bunn, Director Australian Rivers Institute

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 highlights the importance of access to clean water and sanitation.

Professor Bunn highlights that we need a new approach to tackle problems of water supply and quality at their source – and this is something we work on at the Australian Rivers Institute.

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Sustainable Development Goals Explained

Clean water and sanitation

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Our overarching goal is to deliver positive research outcomes that help drive healthy, clean and sustainable environments, both now and in the future.

Research Centres and Institutes

International Water Centre Logo

Home of the International Water Center

From January 2018 Griffith University will become the new strategic home for the International Water Centre.

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Griffith School of Engineering - Students

Engineering students get global perspectives for sustainable infrastructure

Students studying degrees in Engineering, Environmental Science and Environmental Planning took part in a community aid project that supported the work of the NGO ‘Water for Cambodia’ and included building and installing bio-sand water filters in local village houses.

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