Energy research for a sustainable future

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7 concentrates on sustainable energy for all.

Our teaching programs prepare our students and our researchers are focused on technological solutions for renewable energy, energy storage and conservation.

Sustainable Development Goals Explained

Affordable and clean energy

Ranking in the top 2% of universities worldwide, Griffith University offers future-focused degrees that are developed in consultation with industry, based on cutting-edge research, and taught by Australia’s most awarded teachers.

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We work with key industry partners to tackle critical issues related to sources of renewable energy, water resource management, energy storage and conservation.

Research Centres and Institutes

China delegation

Building tech investment networks in China

A temporary alliance to complete a design and manufacturing contest has fostered a deeper partnership between Griffith University scientists and Chinese manufacturers. Griffith researchers in the renewable energy sector have been at the cutting edge of design and application of new power systems. Researchers such as Professor Zhang, Professor Chen, Professor Evan Grey and Professor Junwei Lu have led advances in manufacturing, networking, construction and power generation.

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Contributing to energy, water, food security and environmental solutions

Professor Huijun Zhao talks about the research at the Centre for Clean Environment and Energy and the attraction of working in research on the Gold Coast.

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