Sustainable transport options for staff and students

Griffith University encourages staff and students to use sustainable transport, including the University’s intercampus buses, cycling, walking and public transport or video conferencing options to reduce the number of trips.

Since July 2016, the University has taken delivery of 65 hybrid vehicles, 9 electric utility carts and 1 electric vehicle, as part of a strategy to replace all conventional petrol cars in the pool fleet with more enviro-friendly alternatives.

Intercampus buses

Our intercampus bus travels every 15 minutes between Nathan and Mt Gravatt campuses and the Student Guild Intercampus Bus travels between Gold Coast and Nathan campuses.


Cycling is a great way to get to University and is a healthy and cost-effective method of transport. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion. Bike racks and End-of-trip facilities are available across our campuses.

Public Transport

Public transport is managed by TransLink. The cheapest and easiest way to use light rail, bus and train services is to use a go card - a rechargeable travel card that gives users discounted fares. You can plan your travel with the Translink Journey Planner or the MyTransLink app.

Video conferencing

Use our up-to-date video conferencing facilities whenever possible –this helps to reduce carbon emissions and increase staff safety and productivity.

University vehicles

The University’s Fleet vehicle booking service includes the option to 'Share a Ride' with other colleagues. Visit the Fleet site, select the date and destination, match your travel requirements and contact the relevant driver.

If travelling, schedule meetings and appointments to occur during the one trip.

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