Information technology supports sustainability at Griffith

Information technology plays a major role at Griffith in supporting sustainability and the reduction of carbon through reduced electricity consumption and improved business practices.

Collaboration technologies

The Unified Collaboration project introduced the latest collaboration technologies to the Griffith community. This included video phones, high end video conference rooms, virtual meeting rooms, collaboration tools (Jabber) and a central unified collaboration infrastructure facilitating the seamless integration of these devices and tools with desktops and mobiles devices.

One of the main objectives of the project was to provide a sustainable alternative to travelling between campuses which it achieved. The project also delivered other business benefits such as real staff productivity time savings, vehicle operating & maintenance costs and other unexpected benefits like hearing impaired staff members being able to use the video phones to communicate using signing.

Efficient PC Fleet and Printers

Griffith is focused on making its PC Fleet energy efficient. Today, 95 per cent of Griffith’s PCs are EPEAT Gold rated.

The University has incorporated criteria in the supplier agreements for desktop, notebook, servers and printers to ensure vendors and products meet best practice standards.

University-wide multi- function devices (printers) are energy efficient and go into sleep mode at the end of each day.

Efficient data room operations

The University's main data centre draws as much power as a small suburb. The University ensures that its data centre operations are efficient and sustainable.

  • Reducing the number of servers is the most efficient way to minimise power usage. Every new system and server installed is virtualised by default unless good reason can be shown not to.
  • Energy efficiency is essential in the selection and purchase of servers. Increasingly, Griffith uses blade technology, which gives up to 20 per cent greater efficiency.
  • Efficient power and cooling infrastructure is incorporated into all aspects of the data centre operations.

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