Strategies to support Griffith's University community

Griffith’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing strategies support UN SDG 3, Good Health and Wellbeing. Griffith’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing strategies provide students and staff with access to information, resources and facilities to support their wellbeing across four key areas: healthy lifestyle, community, minds and places. Griffith’s Safe Campuses program promotes a safe and respectful work and study environment for our diverse community.

University Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Griffith’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team provide advice, support, training, and injury and disability support to all staff and students. Our Wellbeing Program provides access to a range of health clinics, fitness facilities, diversity and inclusion programs, counselling, and activities supporting optimal physical and mental health.

Safe Campuses

The Safe Campuses initiative promotes respect, diversity, and equity for all members of our community. As part of a range of awareness and education activities, the University hosts an annual sexual violence awareness and prevention campaign, It's On All Of Us.

  1. It’s on all of us to recognise when something's not right;
  2. It's on all of us to be effective bystanders;
  3. It's on all of us to know how to support our friends and colleagues;
  4. It's on all of us to call out and report disrespectful behaviour;
  5. It's on all of us to create safe campus communities.

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