Griffith University applies environmentally sustainable design to all new buildings and refurbishments

Our buildings include the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre on the Nathan campus, a 6 star green star building powered by solar and hydrogen technologies, and the Gold Coast campus Multistorey carpark that features a 100kW solar array and a 10kW wind turbine.

Sustainable building features

  • Sun studies are conducted prior to construction and buildings are orientated and well insulated to reduce heat load/heat loss
  • Buildings are well shaded to reduce heat load and address internal glare issues
  • Energy management systems control air conditioning and lights to ensure energy efficiency
  • Motion detector sensors control air conditioning systems and lighting
  • Low energy lighting
  • Environmentally preferable materials including low or no volatile organic compounds
  • Solar or waste heat water heating
  • Harvesting, storage and reuse of rainwater
  • Use of recycled and recyclable materials
  • Water efficient fittings

Sustainable building initiatives

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre

6 star green star building - Nathan campus

  • Powered by 376kW solar array and hydrogen technology
  • Air-conditioning - at night, excess energy is used to chill water for the main air-conditioning system to run the next day.
  • Water harvesting - water is collected from the roof and stored in a large water tank for use in landscape irrigation and toilet flushing.

EcoCentre - Nathan campus

  • 23.4 kW system - showcases multiple solar energy technologies and multiple brands on the market.
  • One set of solar panels is on a dual-axis tracker, allowing for comparisons between roof mounted and tracker mounted systems to be made.
  • Rammed earth walls for temperature regulation
  • Rainwater harvesting

Multistorey carpark - Gold Coast campus

  • 100 kW solar array
  • 10 kW Wind turbine
  • LED lighting
  • By painting the concrete soffit white to increase reflectivity and using LED lighting reduced the number of light fittings by 25%.

Contact us

Griffith Sustainability Room -1.10F, Building N16, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Road, Nathan QLD, 4111