Griffith staff and students are invited to sign up to Griffith’s Sustainability Commitment

Griffith’s Sustainability Commitment is an opportunity to sign up to making small changes everyday to help us to reduce our impact on the environment. With over 43,000 students and around 4,000 staff, together we can make a difference to sustainability on campus.

Let's do more about Sustainability.

Think before I act
  • Switch off lights in meeting rooms, kitchens, offices, teaching rooms when I am the last person to leave
  • Switch off non-essential equipment when it is not in use
  • Set up power management settings on my computer so that it goes into sleep mode when not being used
  • Switch off my computer and screen at the end of the day
  • If I work in a laboratory, I will lower the sash on my fume hood as low as possible when in use, and turn the fume hood off when not in use.
  • Place rubbish in correct bins
  • Do not feed or disturb native wildlife
  • Minimise what I put down the drain
  • Reduce your paper and plastic usage
  • Use double sided printing
  • Reuse items where possible
  • Recycle everything that I can in the correct recycling bins
  • Use my reusable Cup when purchasing coffee or tea, rather than using disposable cups
  • Use my refillable bottle rather than buying bottled water
  • Buy local products where possible
  • Choose energy and water efficient equipment and appliances
  • Choose environmentally preferred products such as ones made with recycled content where possible
  • Report water leaks
  • If a dishwasher is available, fully load it before each use

  • Use video conferencing facilities to reduce travel needs
  • Use the intercampus buses
  • Use sustainable transport where possible (public transport, cycling, walking, carpooling)
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Griffith Sustainability Room -1.10F, Building N16, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Road, Nathan QLD, 4111