Griffith laboratories—aiming for best sustainable practice

Lab work has a significant impact on the environment, ranging from energy and resource consumption to chemical and equipment use and disposal.

The Green Labs Programs aims to encourage best practice related to procurement, energy, water and waste in laboratories.

Green Labs Program objectives

  • Reduce energy and water consumption
  • Improve waste disposal and recycling practices
  • Raise environmental impact and protection awareness in laboratories
  • Improve purchasing decisions in laboratories

All Griffith laboratories will be included in the Program through a phased introduction 2017–2020.

Green Labs Program Framework 2017–2020

Griffith University's Green Labs Program is framed around collaboration and engagement with the aim for best sustainable practice in laboratories.

This framework document provides information on:

  • program objectives
  • framework and role of the Green Labs Program Working Group
  • checklist that incorporates three levels of progressive commitment
  • participants involved in the phased introduction 2017–2020

Green Labs Program Framework 2017–2020

Green Labs Pilot Program 2016

The Green Labs Pilot Program ran from March/April to 2 September 2016. The pilot provided the opportunity to develop resource material, obtain data and analyse outcomes, and engage staff in working toward best sustainable practice.

Areas involved:

  • School of Natural Sciences N44 3.16A and 3.16B
  • Eskitis N75 Rooms 1.29 and 1.39, 2.14 and 2.17
  • G16 Suite Rooms 4.24 and 4.29 including ancillary areas 4.25, 4.26, 4.27 and 4.28

Green Labs Pilot Program Report 2016

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