Coffee Cup Recycling Program

Please Note: Due to COVID 19, the coffee cup recycling program is currently on hold and will be reviewed in 2021.

Many of us love our coffee but our takeaway coffee cups are creating a huge waste issue.

Griffith University has partnered with Closed Loop and their Simply Cups initiative – Australia’s first dedicated coffee cup recycling program.

Join us in the war on waste – recycle your coffee cups. Help to reduce the millions of takeaway coffee cups being sent to landfill in Australia.

What you can do

Flip, Tip, Slip

Use the dedicated coffee cup collection tubes and bins that are located on all campuses.

Any paper cup can be placed in the designated collection tubes or receptacles near cafes and other areas (lids must be separated and placed into the normal mixed recycling bin).

Bring your own reusable cup

The best option

Bring along your own reusable coffee cup or sit down in a cafĂ© using china cups is the best option.  It avoids creating the waste in the first place.

Help recycle coffee cups at Griffith University

Help recycle coffee cups at Griffith University

Join Griffith University's coffee cup recycling program! Specialised collection tubes have been installed in all university campuses. All you need to do is “Flip” the lid into recycle bin, “Tip” out any coffee remnants, and “Slip” the coffee cup into the tube. All collected coffee cups will then be upcycled into new products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t takeaway coffee cups go into the mixed recycling bins?

Coffee cups are made from paper but the liquid-proof lining in the cups inhibits them from being recycled in the normal recycling process. To recycle coffee cups effectively, they need to be collected separately.

Why does this initiative divert coffee cups from going to landfill?

Simply Cups works with innovators to recycle and upcycle takeaway cups into recycled, and recyclable products. Currently, takeaway cups are being combined with other plastic materials to create a resin suitable to upcycle into new products such as bench seats, kerbing and car stops.