Our community engagement delivers sustainable outcomes that make a difference

Griffith University has a deep commitment to engagement and values its partnerships with its local communities, business, industry and government at regional, national and global levels.


The Griffith EcoCentre aims to increase interaction with the local community by promoting and delivering collaborative public awareness education programs on sustainable living.

A unique partnership exists between Griffith University and Education Queensland through the positioning of Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre. The TFEEC is based in the EcoCentre with a mission to develop and support environmental education through specialist programs for students, teachers and schools.

Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise

The Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, located with Griffith Business School aims to inform and assist the development of sustainable enterprise through innovative research, teaching and engagement activities. A highly collaborative entity with strong national and international connections to industry, academia, government and non-government organisations, it takes a global perspective while focusing on the Asia Pacific region.

Coastal Community Engagement Program

The Coastal Community Engagement Program, an initiative of our partnership with the City of Gold Coast, has been developed to maximise community understanding of natural coastal processes and management strategies.

Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability Inc (ACTS)

Griffith University manages the secretariat for ACTS . ACTS aims to inspire, promote and support change towards best practice sustainability in the operations, curriculum and research of the Australasian tertiary education sector.

As a member of ACTS, all our staff and students have access to resources, knowledge, developmental and networking opportunities.

Griffith Review

Griffith Review celebrates good writing and promotes public debate. It steps back from the issues of the day and gives writers the space to grow on the page. Essays reflect on the underlying significance of events and trends, explain the details that get lost in the news and examine the unintended consequences of public policy.

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