Our sustainability commitment

We are committed to contributing to a robust, equitable and environmentally sustainable society.

Griffith University's sustainability commitment and achievements were recognised by the Green Gown Awards Australasia in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018

Sustainability Sub committee

The Sustainability Sub Committee, chaired by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Engagement) Professor Martin Betts, represents all elements of the university.

Griffith is committed to responsible investments

At present approximately 95% of Griffith University's free cash is invested in cash and cash equivalent investments, such as short term fixed interest and short term money market funds. The remainder of the University's available funds are invested in a Queensland Investment Corporation growth fund. The QIC growth fund has a combination of asset classes in which it is able to invest: up to 60% of the fund can be invested in shares at any one time.

QIC is a signatory to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative and has adopted a Responsible Investment Policy that outlines its commitment to the principles of the UNPRI . The University does maintain direct share holdings in Navitas Ltd and some unlisted companies related to innovation and commercialization efforts.

News and Events

Explore the latest sustainability news and upcoming events.

Staff awards

Sustainability Awards for staff recognise innovative and effective sustainable practices at Griffith University.

Key Initiatives

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre

Griffith is home to Australia's first teaching and research facility powered by photovoltaic arrays and hydrogen-metal hydride storage technologies.

The innovative, 6 star green star rated Sir Samuel Griffith Centre is an example of genuine sustainable energy alternatives. The Centre showcases Griffith’s commitment to finding practical solutions to environmental issues. It also provides a model that could be incorporated into isolated buildings such as schools in rural communities.

Red Zone

The Sir Samuel Griffith Centre is home to the Red Zone, a new learning space featuring interactive technology and massive projection displays. Showcasing the latest research and teaching expertise across Griffith University, the Red Zone is open to staff, students and the wider community.

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