The Surveying of Griffith Students and Staff Policy states that formal approval must be obtained prior to conducting any survey (or any type of feedback mechanisms)  for research and/or business purposes of Griffith staff or students.

Research projects and all requests to obtain feedback from the University community requiring ethical clearance will need to complete a full survey application and can only proceed once approval is provided by Communications and Surveys, in accordance with the approving authorities

For more information on research ethics, integrity and compliance visit the Research Integrity website.

External research application process

We have established review arrangements for external researchers who wish to conduct research on a Griffith campus or with our students and staff. External researchers must attach a completed external research application form to the application for ethical review the researcher submitted to their own institution’s ethics review body, plus a copy of their review decision. The documents should be emailed to

Survey flowchart

Application processing time

Applications can take from 2 to 5 working days for approval, dependent on the complexity of the application and the approvals required. Approval is obtained in accordance with the Surveying of Griffith Students and Staff Policy.

Volunteer for important research projects broadcast

At the end of each month, we publish a list of research projects and ask the staff and student community to participate.

As a guide, a study needs to be approved by the 25th of each month to be included in the next Broadcast email.

It is possible to advertise research projects up to three times in one calendar year, at the request of the researcher.