Frequently unasked questions

Frequently Unasked Questions

Griffith students answer the things you really want to know

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Latest questions

Where do you go on the first day of uni? Will there be a tour for first years?

When do we get to choose our minors, and do they have to relate to our bachelor?

How do people actually afford to live on campus, in student accommodation?

How does Griffith provide opportunities to meet new people?

How stressful is University and how much do you need to prepare in order to get a good score?

What's on offer here that will provide opportunities for students to develop our employability skills? Are there any connections with local employers?

Is it too late to apply for on-campus accommodation?

Do you have to pay for car parking if you live on campus?

If you don't get a high enough ATAR, is it still possible to get straight into the course without doing a bridging course?

If you are accepted into a course and defer your studies for a year can you change your preferences if your circumstances change?

Can you explain how preferencing works?

Will there be face to face teaching next year on the campus?

What facilities do Griffith campuses provide for students?

What if I don’t get the ATAR that I need?

Oh no! I think I bombed my exams, what now?

What happens when I actually get my offer?

There’s so many dates, when will I actually receive my offer?

What happens if I want to change my preferences?

Frequently Unasked Questions LIVE recording

On Wednesday 9 December a group of current Griffith students got together to answer the unasked questions you sent in. They gave some helpful insights and advice into what it’s really like at university. If you missed it or would like to watch it again, check it out below.

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