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The Master of Suicidology provides an extension to the Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention Studies currently offered by the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP). In other words, the first year of study in the Master of Suicidology is equivalent to the Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention Studies.

The program is designed to produce graduates who are knowledgeable and skilled in the identification of a range of concerns regarding suicidal behaviours and their planned management and prevention at various levels (including research, public policy, and primary, secondary and tertiary prevention). It allows students to explore the historical and sociological development of the complexities of suicide.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to compare different psychotherapeutic or management methods and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each theoretical approach to assessment, treatment and management of suicidal behaviour and its prevention. Students will examine the factors that influence the development and assessment of suicidal behaviours and the ways in which current intervention and prevention strategies deal with these factors.

This program does not aim to educate and train students to be clinicians qualified to intervene with suicidal persons (a future development area will be focused on this area of clinical need), but emphasises the importance of scientific and research-based enquiry and investigation at all levels of suicide prevention and intervention.

Finally, this program offers two pathways of educational outcomes for students including a final study year focused on either research (dissertation), or coursework (elective courses of relevance to the domain of suicide research and prevention).

Most importantly, AISRAP postgraduate programs offer a 360 degree perspective of suicidology which seeks to extend student’s objective thinking and critical appraisal of existing literature, research and practice – thereby maximising their capabilities for nuanced expertise in this field.

3 years part-time
  • Related Bachelor degree or higher, or
  • Any Bachelor Honours degree or higher
Delivery mode
Start date More start dates may be available, see full degree listing for details.
Trimester 1 - 8 Mar 2021
Time commitment
10 hours a week per course
$18,000 2020 indicative annual fee
Student support
24/7 Library resources
24/7 IT support
24/7 Tutoring access
Online Some courses may require attending a supervised exam. View the course listing for details.

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