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Examine the past, to understand the challenges of the future

The study of history is important in today's ever-evolving society. So much more than just dates and facts, history can tell us who we are, where we came from and where we're going. By making connections between the past and present, we can better understand contemporary society.

Studying history at Griffith, you'll go beyond the classroom to investigate some of today's biggest issues from a historical perspective.

Historical study also plays an important part in developing valuable career skills in research, writing and documentation.





Spotlight on Education, Humanities and Languages

26 July–1 August

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Study history at Griffith

Learn from the past to prepare for the future

The study of history looks at change and continuity in society over time, the defining moments which shaped our world.

At Griffith, you’ll learn about the past as a way of understanding the present from many different angles – socially, culturally, politically and economically. You’ll learn about ancient civilisations, and delve into the way global actions shaped Australia’s history and influenced our present.

With seven subjects to choose from, you’ll cover a diverse range of historical events including the impact of past terrorist attacks, political violence and the ecological attitudes from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

You’ll learn to recognise and analyse trends and interconnections across centuries and civilizations, and examine topics such as the global impact of disease, environmental changes, warfare, trade and religious belief. And you'll examine evidence from the past about society and culture, and how political and social movements helped to change our understanding of society, humanity, and rights, and of gender, sexuality and 'race', in the world today.

Studying at Griffith will expose you to a wide range of viewpoints and opinions from a well-respected team of teaching staff. You’ll learn important professional skills, including how to read critically, carry out research, write with clarity, and make a persuasive evidence-based argument.

Lachlan Dudley

'My studies at Griffith have enabled me to pursue several opportunities within my career. In particular, Griffith provided me with the foundations to undertake a PhD at the Australian National University in Museum Studies and allowed me to work as a researcher on various projects for a number of different universities. These projects have varied from understanding the impact prison privatisation has on the treatment of prisoners, to evaluating the prevalence of methylamphetamine use in rural Queensland. Most recently, I have put my studies to use for Queensland Corrective Services working as a Community Corrections Officer.'

Lachlan Dudley, Bachelor of Arts (Hons - Australian History) graduate, majoring in Criminology and History.

Lachlan Dudley


We offer a range of scholarships for new and continuing students.

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Career outcomes

Develop marketable professional skills

A degree in history from Griffith gives you practical skills useful for a wide variety of careers

Research and writing are at the heart of historical inquiry, along with analytical thinking: all highly valued by employers in the private sector and in government. With a specialisation in history from Griffith you have the opportunity to work in a wide range of roles including:

  • As a curator in galleries around the world
  • As a journalist reporting from remote parts of the world
  • Continuing on to a graduate diploma of education to become a history teacher
  • In screen production to make your mark in the film industry

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Life at Griffith

You can gain more than just a degree at Griffith. With plenty of opportunities to balance life and study, you can make memories and mates to last a lifetime.

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