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Improving human health through understanding environmental influences

Did you know you can study Environmental Health as a career-oriented major with a Bachelor of Health Science? In this degree, you'll learn how to understand and manage environmental health issues such as food safety, water pollution, infectious disease outbreaks and hazardous waste.

A Griffith environmental health degree is a strong base to build your career within government and industry. Our diverse electives will help equip you for careers in a range of scientific and allied professions including working as a scientific advisor, pathology technician, industry representative, technical sales specialist, laboratory technician or research assistant.

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Study environmental health at Griffith

Students can study Environmental Health as a career-oriented major* within Griffith's Bachelor of Health Science.

The Environmental Health major has been designed to deliver a balanced combination of scientific and professional knowledge with plenty of on-the-ground experience for you to become a well-rounded environmental health practitioner. It's a very hands-on major where interesting and relevant site visits provide first-hand exposure to many of the environmental health issues that you would encounter in your work.

The courses in this major will ensure you have a thorough understanding of how, when and where to apply the legislation to protect public health and the environment, as well as working in partnership with government ministries such as Health, Agriculture and Environment, local municipalities, businesses, community groups, emergency management agencies and individual members of the community.

You'll develop valuable skills in risk assessment and management and learn about areas such as food and water safety, waste management, communicable diseases, disaster response, and climate change, to name a few. An industry placement ensures that you'll gain practical experience and build relationships with prospective employers.

*The Environmental Health major is accredited by Environmental Health Australia.

Studying the Bachelor of Health Science, graduates with the Environmental Health major walk into a career area that is highly undersupplied. They use their investigative skills in food safety, water pollution, infectious disease outbreaks and more.

Mike Kwan

Griffith Environmental Health graduate

Mike's degree in Environmental Health has allowed him to work around the world, including roles with the London Borough of Brent Council, in private industry (Exxon Mobil in Papua New Guinea) and back in Australia with local government (Pine Rivers and Gold Coast). He is currently with Queensland Health's Food Safety Standards and Regulation Unit.

'With the broad science foundations obtained during my environmental health studies at Griffith, I'm better able to explain in layman's terms the scientific rationale behind legislative requirements, particularly as they apply to a business or person. I find providing that extra insight and improved understanding leads to better and lasting outcomes.'

Mike Kwan


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Career outcomes

Excellent career paths within the professional field of environmental health.

The most common is that of environmental health officer (EHO) which is typically a diverse role in many organisations. Graduates find opportunities with federal, state or local authorities, the defence forces, consulting firms, and the mining sector.

With an internationally recognised qualification, you'll also be prepared for work overseas with airlines, aid agencies and in tourism with resort chains and ocean cruise operators.

Your responsibilities could include:

  • health promotion
  • food hygiene and safety management
  • regulation of accommodation standards
  • communicable diseases management
  • running immunisation clinics
  • quarantine management
  • disaster and emergency management
  • air, water and noise pollution
  • safeguarding the public from toxic substances resulting from chemical incidents
  • environmental health risk assessment

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