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Inspire the next generation through learning

Interested in expanding the horizons of young people and developing their minds? This degree will qualify you to teach children in either primary and secondary schools.

A foundation first year will develop your understanding of the key disciplines supporting the national framework for learning and teaching. Griffith is among the best in Australia for education graduate success rates 1 and the School of Education and Professional Studies is among the world’s leading education schools, ranked in the top 100 worldwide.

You’ll earn a degree that’s held in high regard in the education sector, and benefit from our strong links with schools and industry partners.

[1]: Graduate Destination Survey

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Study education (primary or secondary) at Griffith

Helping children reach their full potential is a fulfilling, rewarding career

You can complete a Bachelor of Education in just three and a half years, giving you a flying start in the teaching profession.

The foundation first year of this degree enables you to select early, delay your choice, or even change your mind about your career path as primary or secondary school teacher. During the first year you will gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental teaching principles, with a focus on digital learning.

From the second year, you can choose to pursue primary or secondary education. As part of your studies you’ll undertake professional practice including observation and participation in schools, practice teaching, internships and community field studies every year, ensuring you graduate with a wealth of practical experience and networks.

Curriculum areas covered in primary education include history and geography, the way language develops and works, mathematics, science and technology, health and physical education and the arts. You’ll also have the option to study a double major in special needs education, or complement your study with a minor in English, health and physical education, mathematics or science.

Secondary education invests you with the knowledge and skills to teach teenage students through years 7 to 12. You can choose to study a double major (junior secondary, learning support) and a teaching area, or two teaching areas (biology, chemistry, design, drama, English visual arts etc.)

Todd Winton

Griffith education graduate

As a learning diversity teacher working with students from Years 8 to 10, education graduate Todd Winton's role involves teaching small group classes and tailoring learning experiences to suit students' individual educational needs. 'My Griffith degree gave me the confidence and experience with a vast range of teaching practices,' he says. 'It also helped me develop a range of appropriate practices to improve student outcomes.'

Todd Winton

Study options

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Career outcomes

Griffith University has the highest education graduate success rate in Australia

With your qualifications, you'll be eligible to apply for registration with the Queensland College of Teachers. You will be prepared for a career as a teacher in the public or private sector which can lead to senior positions such as head of department or principal. Your education degree can also open the doors to numerous other career opportunities. You could choose to work in training settings in:

  • Industry and government
  • Outdoor education
  • Adult literacy
  • Libraries
  • Educational research
  • Education policy
  • Consultancy
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