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Inspire the next generation

Right now is the perfect time to become a teacher. The Australian Government listed education as one of Australia’s top three growth industries, with primary and secondary school teachers in high demand (Department of Jobs and Small Business, 2018-2023). Our Education degrees are specifically designed to respond to demand and industry changes, and we are among the best in Australia for education graduate success rates.

Our accelerated options mean you can qualify to teach in just 18 months if you already have a degree, or three and a half years if you study our Bachelor of Education. We are also the only Queensland university that gives you the freedom to choose your major in your second year of your Bachelor of Education.

You'll benefit from our 50 years' experience in teacher preparation and have access to powerful industry partnerships and award-winning staff, who will equip you to become ‘that’ teacher that can change children’s lives.

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Study education (primary or secondary) at Griffith

Helping children reach their full potential is a fulfilling, rewarding career

Teach sooner

Our trimesters allow you to graduate six months ahead than other universities, so you’ll be ready to launch your teaching career sooner. With the Queensland Government reporting the full-time starting teacher salary at approximately $70,081 per year, you could be earning more than graduates from engineering and law*.

*Based on median starting salaries of bachelor degree graduates in first full-time employment and aged less than 25, by field of education and sector of employment, 2018.

Professional practice

You’ll undertake professional practice in every year of your studies, which includes observation and participation in schools, practice teaching, internships and community field studies. You’ll graduate with a wealth of practical experience and important networks.

Teaching taught differently

Griffith is the only Queensland university that allows you to choose you major from second year in the Bachelor of Education. Our foundation first year will equip you with a thorough understanding of fundamental teaching principles from a global perspective, with a focus on digital learning. All courses in the foundation year of the Bachelor of Education are offered across all three campuses (Gold Coast, Logan and Mt Gravatt).

If you already have a degree you can choose between a Master of Primary Teaching or a Master of Secondary Teaching and study full-time or part-time in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, or even online for primary teaching.


Curriculum areas covered in primary education include history and geography, the way language develops and works, mathematics, science and technology, health and physical education and the arts.

In the Bachelor of Education, you’ll also have the option to study a double major in early childhood or special needs education, or complement your study with a minor in English, health and physical education, mathematics or science.


Secondary education invests you with the knowledge and skills to teach teenage students through years 7 to 12. If you choose secondary teaching, you’ll be pivotal in rolling out of the new senior curriculum including psychology, English literature, food and nutrition, design and technology, STEM subjects and more.

In the Bachelor of Education, you can choose to study a double major in learning support and a teaching area of your choice, or two teaching areas (biology, chemistry, design, drama, English, visual arts etc.).

What is your vision for teaching?

Back in 2017, Griffith’s new Bachelor of Education took in their first intake of students. At the time, they were asked to write letters to themselves about their vision for teaching or themselves. Now, as recent graduates they are reading their letters aloud and reacting to the sentiments they expressed at the start of their study journey.

Tina Lloyd

Josie Jones

Catherine Hughes

Yasmin Atwani

Bachelor of Education

Education graduate Yasmin Atwani didn’t speak a word of English when she started school, but went on to attain an OP1 and win a scholarship to Griffith to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. In 2020 Yasmin won the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) Queensland Pre-Service Teacher Award, an award recognising the best and brightest teachers of tomorrow.

Yasmin chose Griffith because of its reputation as a global leader in education and the hands-on opportunities offered during the degree.

“Griffith has an immersive, real-world focus and it also offers opportunities to grow beyond the degree through programs like the Griffith Honours College. I’m leaving Griffith with a degree, but also a network of colleagues and mentors that will continue to shape my identity for years to come.'

Yasmin Atwani


We offer a range of scholarships for new and continuing students.

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Career outcomes

Griffith University has the highest education graduate success rate in Australia

With your qualifications, you'll be eligible to apply for registration with the Queensland College of Teachers. You will be prepared for a career as a teacher in the public or private sector which can lead to senior positions such as head of department or principal. Your education degree can also open the doors to numerous other career opportunities. You could choose to work in training settings in:

  • Industry and government
  • Outdoor education
  • Adult literacy
  • Libraries
  • Educational research
  • Education policy
  • Consultancy

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Life at Griffith

You can gain more than just a degree at Griffith. With plenty of opportunities to balance life and study, you can make memories and mates to last a lifetime.

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Thursday 29 April — Thursday 29 April

Year 11 and 12 Parent and Student Information Webinar


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Thursday 6 May — Saturday 8 May

Gold Coast Careers and Employment Festival

Tuesday 18 May — Tuesday 18 May

Mature Student Open Evening - Online

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Wednesday 19 May — Wednesday 19 May

Mature Student Open Evening - Nathan Campus

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Thursday 20 May — Thursday 20 May

Mature Student Open Evening - Gold Coast Campus

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Friday 21 May — Saturday 22 May

Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo

Saturday 17 July — Sunday 18 July


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Monday 19 July — Saturday 30 October

Trimester 2

Our second teaching trimester starts on Monday 19 July. Trimester 2 examinations run from Saturday 21 to Saturday 30 October.

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Tuesday 20 July — Tuesday 20 July

Sunshine Coast Careers and Employment Expo

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Friday 23 July — Sunday 25 July

Melbourne Careers and Employment Expo

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Sunday 8 August — Sunday 8 August

Open Day

Gold Coast, Nathan and South Bank campuses

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Thursday 26 August — Thursday 26 August

Year 9 and 10 Parent and Student Information Webinar


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Monday 13 September — Monday 13 September

Mature Student Open Evening - Online

Wednesday 15 September — Wednesday 15 September

Mature Student Open Evening - Nathan Campus

Thursday 16 September — Thursday 16 September

Mature Student Open Evening - Gold Coast Campus

Friday 17 December — Thursday 23 December

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