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Gain greater training and development expertise

Are you interested in educating the leaders of the future? If you see yourself as a teacher or professional trainer in the adult and vocational education sectors, this program gets top marks. The Master of Training and Development will prepare you for professional roles in adult, vocational and community education, training and professional development. You'll develop your existing vocational knowledge and build your capacity for professional work in training, teaching, development and research-related roles. Equipped with the teaching specialisation of this degree, you'll be well prepared to pursue careers in mainstream adult and vocational education fields.

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Study adult and vocational education at Griffith

Preparing the next generation of skilled trainers

For many people today, learning doesn’t stop once they finish school. With the master of training and development under your belt, you’ll be equipped with the skills for adult, vocational and community education, training and professional development and continuing education and training. The program covers:

  • Curriculum development and evaluation in adult and vocational education and training
  • Instructional design strategies for diverse groups of learners and settings in workplace and community contexts
  • The contribution of workplace learning to the knowledge required by individuals and organisations to develop human resources
  • Application of psychological development and learning theories to expertise development in adolescent and adult learning
  • Developing your research skills, problem-solving and analytical abilities

Studying at Griffith, you’ll benefit from research-based teaching and dedicated support from committed, experienced lecturers with real industry and education experience. Other key features of the program include:

  • Work-based assessment that benefits you and your organisation
  • Comprehensive online resources and ongoing interaction with staff gives you multiple ways to learn
  • Exclusive access to international journals and databases so you stay ahead in the knowledge race
  • Assistance with study skills and assignment writing – we understand the challenges of university study and work with you to make a successful transition
  • Optional on-campus workshops (international students must meet attendance requirements)

Todd Winton

Griffith education graduate

As a learning diversity teacher working with students from Years 8 to 10, education graduate Todd Winton's role involves teaching small group classes and tailoring learning experiences to suit students' individual educational needs. 'My Griffith degree gave me the confidence and experience with a vast range of teaching practices,' he says. 'It also helped me develop a range of appropriate practices to improve student outcomes.'

Todd Winton

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Career outcomes

Skilled teachers are crucial in vocational studies

As a Griffith graduate, you're ready to share your expertise and passion with enthusiastic students

You're fully prepared for professional roles in adult, vocational and community education, training and professional development. With this master's degree, you'll find employment opportunities in a number of areas, including:

  • vocational education and training
  • adult and community education
  • workplace learning
  • community education
  • health education
  • religious education
  • environmental education
  • citizenship education
  • public service
  • commerce
  • industry
  • private practice.
The teaching specialisation of this degree will equip you to pursue careers in mainstream adult and vocational education fields.

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