Where students are requested to attend meetings with a University staff member or the Student Ombudsman, they may be accompanied or represented by a support person from the listed student support contacts below or a family member or friend.

The support person must not be a currently practising solicitor or barrister. The role of the support person is to bear witness to the meeting and what is discussed. Where authorised in writing by the student, the support person may assist in representing the student in the presentation of their case.

In the event that a student may wish to appoint a support person to represent them in their case, students are required to complete an Authority to release information or transact business on behalf of a student and attach it to their complaint submission. Once this authority form is provided to the University, fully completed and signed, the form will be added to the student’s file. At this stage, the University will be able to discuss and/or disclose any relevant information with the support person appointed by the student.

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