Benefits of being a PASS Leader

In addition to paid employment, becoming a PASS Leader has many benefits including personal satisfaction, improved organisation and time management, enhanced knowledge of content and the chance to be part of a supportive, enjoyable team environment. Most importantly, the role equips you with skills highly sought after by employers.

Develop your skills


As a facilitator you lead discussions to help students develop a deeper understanding of concepts. This requires you to work with individuals with different personalities, abilities and cultural backgrounds within your sessions and act as a mentor to assist students as they adjust to university life.


Participating in regular team meetings will help you become an effective team player. Collaboration with academics and the PASS team are essential to discussing facilitation strategies, preparing sessions and marketing the program.

Communication and interpersonal skills

Strong development of oral presentation skills, building rapport with attendees, assessing level of understanding using verbal and non-verbal cues and communicating clearly are key aspects of the role.

Problem solving

You’ll need to revise and master fundamental concepts and skills relevant to your discipline and address any issues that arise by thinking on your feet.

Reflecting on feedback

The ability to accept constructive criticism in a positive manner is a highly valued skill. With two performance reviews each trimester you’ll be expected to reflect on feedback and implement changes.

Creative thinking

Developing novel and engaging materials for weekly sessions demands a lot of creativity. To cater for all learning styles you will need to approach concepts from different angles.

Types of roles in the PASS program

There are two types of PASS positions available:

PASS Leader

PASS sessions are facilitated by trained PASS Leaders who are students that have recently completed the targeted course with exceptional grades.  The PASS leader is the person who facilitates the study session. This requires combining specific study skills with key course content, integrating what to learn with how to learn.

PASS Leaders are expected to: plan, design and facilitate sessions; attend lectures; and, promote the PASS program. PASS leaders are typically paid for working between 5 - 6 hours per week depending on the number of courses and sessions in which they lead.

PASS Leader Mentee

Unlike PASS Leaders, the PASS Leader Mentee role is not a paid position. This role is appropriate for those who are seeking to improve their leadership skills through a volunteer experience which offers training, guidance, development and support.

As a PASS Leader Mentee you would take part in the PASS Leader training and during the trimester your key role would be to learn how the program operates by assisting PASS Leaders with the facilitation of sessions. PASS Leader Mentees would be considered for vacancies that may come up during the academic year.

As a PASS Leader or PASS Leader Mentee you are NOT required to:

  • Teach course content material.
  • Assist students to complete assignments or homework.


We are looking for students who have:
  • Completed the first year of their degree program
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, friendly, approachable and open minded.
  • Outstanding organisational skills, as you will need to organise material for the study sessions and attend half of the lectures to keep up to date with course content (PASS Leader role only).
  • A high level of competence in the course (6 or 7) so that you have a good knowledge base to fall back on and a minimum grade point average of 5 across the program to date.
  • Ability and willingness to motivate fellow students in PASS sessions
  • Can attend the two-day training session

Casual rate HEW 1.2 (approximately $31 per hour).

How to apply

To apply for this position please email the following to stating your interest, including:

  1. A covering letter (maximum 2 pages) OR short video (2 mins max) outlining:
    1. whether you have attended PASS as a student and the personal qualities you feel you could bring to the role and the program as a whole
    2. your understanding of the PASS program, including belief in the benefits of peer learning and group discussion, along with the desire to put this into practice
    3. Good time management, communication, listening and interpersonal skills
  2. Brief resume of not more than two pages, which should include details of your university and community involvements – including any leadership roles you have held and any relevant work experience
  3. Your unofficial academic transcript (available on myGriffith)

When are interviews and training held?

Main recruitment round - interviews held in December/January and training in February before Orientation week.

Additional training held in July if additional leaders required for Trimester 2 and 3.

Completed applications should be emailed to:

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