Alternate exam sitting

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Apply for an Alternate exam sitting if you are unable to sit an examination that is scheduled during the centrally administered end-of-trimester exam period.

An Alternate exam sitting DOES NOT apply to examinations, test or quizzes that are conducted during the trimester teaching weeks, and are administered by a School or Department. In most instances, if you are unable to sit an exam, test or quiz during the trimester teaching weeks, you should apply for deferred assessment.

Note. To apply for an alternate exam sitting, we recommend using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Applying for alternate exam sitting

If you are applying for an alternate exam sitting, your application must be submitted through the online application form within two weeks of the publication of the final examination timetable. Your application must also include appropriate documentation to support the grounds on which you are requesting an alternate sitting. Grounds that may prevent you from undertaking your exam on the scheduled date, and associated supporting documentation, could include the following:

  • medical or compassionate grounds – medical certificate or statutory declaration
  • work commitments beyond the students control – letter from employer
  • religious and cultural obligations – letter from religious or community leader
  • sporting or cultural commitment at state or national level – letter from sporting body or cultural group
  • individual timetable falls outside the timetabling guidelines – no documentation is required but you will need to indicate the courses that are clashing in your exam timetable when you submit the online application form.

An alternate exam sitting WILL NOT be granted for students requesting an early exam date to accommodate travel plans. Students are expected to be available for the whole of the exam period.

You will be notified of the outcome of your request for an alternate exam sitting by email. The status and outcome of your application can be viewed at any time using ‘My application status’ online enquiry.

Example of alternate exam siting

You have been scheduled to sit a final exam during the centrally administered exam period. The day after the publication of the final examination timetable, you are notified that you have been selected to participate in a training camp for an Australian sporting team. The final exam date falls within the training camp dates. As a result, you will be unable to sit the examination on the published date. You apply for an alternate exam sitting through the online application form, providing a scanned copy of a letter from the sporting body advising of your selection in the training camp, and the relevant dates you are required. The application for an alternate exam sitting is granted and you are issued with a new date and time to undertake the final exam. In being granted an alternate exam sitting you will be requested to complete a Declaration that:

  • if sitting prior to the normal scheduled examination time, you will not disclose the contents of the examination paper to any other students; or
  • if sitting after the normal scheduled time, you have not been given information about the contents of the examination paper by other students.


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