Discover migrant and refugee stories

These selected Australian stories share the lives of migrant and refugees who have come to Australia and made this country their home.

Migrant and refugee stories

Jeremy bobby

Jeremy Bobby

Jeremy and his family came from the Solomon Islands to Australia in 2005. Jeremy values Griffith as a place where he can explore diverse people and ideas.

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Image of high school students attending a presentation by Rahila Haidary.

Rahila Haidary

“At the age of six, I said to my mum, "Why just my cousins can go to school and I can't go to school?" The answer I got back was, "You're a girl."

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Photo of Jonathan Nkunzimana

Jonathan Nkunzimana

"University has given me so much confidence to dream big and think outside my square box.  University has opened so many doors which I thought were closed before attending uni."

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Photo of Amiel Nubaha

Amiel Nubaha

“My university experience has been positive, very very positive, and I'm very humble for all the support which Griffith offered to me along with all students who came through the refugee spectrum.”

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