We can help you support students experiencing personal difficulty and distress

If you're concerned about a student's wellbeing, you can refer the student to our service on their campus. Appointments are voluntary and confidential. You can also consult with us about responding to students who are in distress or at risk.

We also have resources to help you identify and support at-risk students and manage disruptive student behaviour via the options below. If you are looking for support for yourself or your family members, you can access the Staff Counselling Program.

Emergency information

For immediate crisis intervention when life may be in danger, ring 000 or go to your local hospital emergency department.

Identifying and supporting students at risk or in distress

The Reality Check: Steps for Identifying and Supporting students "At Risk" or in Distress booklet provides guidelines to assist you identify distressed or at-risk students and provide information about how to offer support and make referrals.

Managing disruptive student behaviour

The Practical Wisdom: Steps for Managing Disruptive Student Behaviour booklet refers to disruptive student behaviour exhibited in their on and off-campus study-related activities, and provide guidance on desired management responses.

Workshops and training

Whether you'd like to attend training to build your own mental health literacy,
or organise a workshop for your students, we can tailor a solution to suit.

We also offer an accredited two-day Mental Health First Aid training course
and a four-hour Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person.

See our workshops and training section for more details.

Staff counselling

Griffith University acknowledge that work is only one part of your life and we have always viewed the Employee Assistance Program as contributing to the wellbeing of our employees. We believe that having an effective support program is one of the pro-active steps we take to contribute towards making Griffith University a great place to work.

Benestar bring Griffith employees products, services and resources to assist you and your family members. Support is available when you want it, on devices that you want to access it on. The service provides professional, confidential coaching and support you and your family members at no charge.

Staff Counselling Information

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