The Griffith University staff counselling and coaching program is a confidential wellbeing resource available for all employees and their immediate family members.  The program is designed to assist you to enhance your individual health and wellbeing and can support your entire work, health and life journey. The services are delivered by an external provider, Benestar (previously called Davidson Trahaire Corpsych).


The service can be accessed by telephone / face-to-face / video counselling or online counselling.  The toll free number for appointments is 1300 360 364.

This service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online access is via the web site When accessing the site for the first time click on the Benestar Hub icon (top right) and enter the case sensitive logins below:


Token:  GUNI01 (please note token is capital g,u,n,i followed by numerals zero and one)

To access domestic and family violence support through Benestar

Consultations are strictly confidential and services are funded by Griffith University


The Benehub gives you access to hours of health and wellbeing resources anywhere, anytime from your preferred device via the app or website.  You'll find topics designed to help you with all aspects of your life:

LIFE:  Different life stages, change, grief and loss

BODY:  exercise, fitness, sleep, nutrition

MONEY:  budgets, debt, saving and retirement planning

RELATIONSHIPS:  work relationships, partner relationships and friendships

WORK:  from better work-life balance to enhancing performance

FAMILY:  parenting, elder care, family violence, extended and blended families

MIND:  from managing stress to mental health

You'll find a variety of content like learning modules, videos and animations, articles, blogs, podcasts, meditations, self assessments, activities and resources toolkits.

MyCoach for People Leaders

MyCoach for People Leaders provides proactive support for managers and supervisors to work through challenging situations with their staff


VISIT: the Get in Touch page on the Benehub.  You can connect via LiveChat, online or phone.

CALL:  1300 360 364

DOWNLOAD THE APP: Available from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

GSafe - Safety Management System

Log an incident / injury / hazard / near miss Complete a risk assessment / audit / lab application

Staff counselling program

A confidential wellbeing resource available for all employees and their immediate family members.