The University Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team

Our role is to provide a harmonised approach to health, safety, wellbeing (HSW) and injury management to the University and its staff. This includes:

  • setting the direction and policy for HSW across the University;
  • ensuring a consistent and coordinated approach to the management of HSW across the University;
  • providing advice and support for our clients on general health and safety matters and in specialist areas; such as biosafety, chemicals, radiation, rehabilitation and injury management;
  • providing specialist support and advice for regulated areas, e.g. biosafety, biosecurity and radiation;
  • managing early intervention programs and coordinating staff wellbeing initiatives and programs (including employee assistance program and injury management).

Our team supports the staff in all Groups and Elements across all campuses. Our details are in the University phone book or you can contact us via email for:


Currently more than 110 wild fires threaten homes and businesses across Queensland.  The devastation caused by bushfires has been estimated to cost $1.6 billion annually to the Australian taxpayer and can lead to loss of life for both animals and people. At Griffith, we recognise the real threat of an uncontrolled bushfire and need everyone’s help to prevent these.

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GSafe - Safety Management System

Log an incident / injury / hazard / near miss Complete a risk assessment / audit / lab application

Staff counselling program

A confidential wellbeing resource available for all employees and their immediate family members.