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Below are some specific resources for both staff and students about Student Services. In addition to exploring the individual service areas on our site this page provides information on our Code of Practice, service standards, staff and student professional development opportunities and more.

Information for students

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Below there is also information on inclusive practice around inclusive language and cultural competency.

Information for staff

Student Services works with staff across the University to support students. This includes training and resources on mental health and disability and diversity and inclusion.

Inclusive practice resources such as cultural competency, inclusive language and designing inclusive events is also below.

Cultural Competence Training

Griffith University has purchased the Cultural Competence Program (CCP) to assist staff and student to develop their cultural competency. Now available on Learning@Griffith.

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Cultural Competency Program

SBS presenters illustrate why Cultural Competency training is important.

Cultural Competence Program: Lee Lin Chin

Cultural Competence Program: Lucy and Mike

Online disability awareness training

This program aims to build confidence in interactions with people with disability, learn tips for better communication, discover where to find out more information about particular disability topics and share this new knowledge with others.

  • For current students this program will enhance preparation for work-integrated learning; work in existing part-time or volunteer roles; and demonstrating Griffith Graduate Attributes
  • For current staff this program will enhance staff capacity by preparing incoming staff through induction training (on-boarding) and building capacity in existing staff around how to embed inclusive practices in all spheres of the organisation.

Resources for inclusive practice

Student Diversity and Inclusion has created two new publications to provide staff and students with guidance to promoting inclusion on campus.

Words Matter is a guide to inclusive language to improve the way we write, present and depict diversity in our community.

Celebrating Diversity is a guide to designing inclusive events for staff, students and visitors to Griffith to ensure everyone enjoys the celebration.

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