We offer high-quality, free and confidential counselling

Counsellors provide helpful tools, strategies and perspectives on personal, relationship, study or work-related difficulties. Counselling can help you feel better, find solutions to problems and make lasting changes in your life.

Over the past three years, our service has provided support and counselling for mental health and personal difficulties to over 4000 students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, LGBTIQ people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

It is estimated that about 20% of people living in Australia have mental health difficulties in any one year.

If you need help, it's important to talk to someone. Counselling is about you—and how we can support you to feel better, achieve better and have a better life.

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Online booking system

Make an appointment using our online booking system. Please do not make multiple or recurring bookings unless you have agreed this with your counsellor, as this will prevent other students from accessing our services. Please note that Skype video counselling sessions cannot be booked online.


Contact Student Services

You can call or go in-person to Student Services to make a face-to-face appointment. When making your appointment, please mention whether you would like a face-to-face or phone session.


Skype video counselling

To make a video counselling appointment, you must complete the video counselling enquiry form. Certain situations are not suitable for online counselling, such as when there is a urgent need of support or domestic violence is present.

Personal Violence Counselling

Lauren Howlett, Counsellor, Violence Prevention and Response, provides specialised counselling to students for domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, childhood sexual abuse and other forms of personal violence or intimidation.

Lauren also conducts programs and activities to raise awareness about respectful behaviour, consent, sexual violence, harassment and domestic violence.

Emergency information

If you are in urgent need of help, please call 000 (ambulance). You can also call or text our Crisis Support Service. Call 1300 785 442 or text 0488 868 742 for the Crisis Support Service.

Crisis contacts

Suicide response and prevention

About counselling

Find out more about what benefits counselling can provide, counselling duration, what to expect when you see a counsellor, information about documentation and confidentiality.

Information for staff

If you're a staff member supporting students at Griffith, or you are seeking support for yourself and your family members, Griffith have a range of support options.

Seeing a Griffith counsellor

Coming to counselling can be a challenging step to take – see how talking to a counsellor can help you.

Counselling at Griffith

Bear it in mind, there are benefits in seeing a counsellor.

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