Assisting you to start well with orientation sessions, workshops and events from our Uni-Reach partner schools (and others), and to stay on the right track through your first year.

Disability support

We empower students who may need additional support to find their way and succeed at university. Our programs and services assist with the transition into university life and promote an inclusive learning environment.

First in family

Are you the first person in your family to go to university? If you're enrolled at Griffith you can explore a range of Student Services book an appointment with us to discuss your needs. Find out more about transition and support for first-in-family students.

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Outreach and partnerships

We work with a variety of stakeholders, including local schools, TAFEs and community groups, to create educational partnerships that raise awareness and aspirations for higher education. Our customised outreach activities help develop capacity for university study and are designed and delivered with relevant and successful Griffith role models and mentors.

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