High-quality, free and confidential counselling and wellbeing services

Counsellors at Griffith provide helpful tools, strategies and perspectives on personal issues related to relationships, study or work life. Counselling can help you feel better, find solutions to problems and make lasting changes in your life. Over the past three years, our service has provided support and counselling for mental health and personal difficulties to over 4,000 students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, LGBTIQ+ people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

We also provide wellbeing services, crisis support, personal violence response and prevention and suicide response and prevention.

If you are in a life-threatening situation, please call 000 (ambulance). You can also contact the Crisis Support Service by calling 1300 785 442 or texting 0488 884 146.

About counselling

Who seeks our support?

Students from all backgrounds and degrees seek counselling and support for personal and study-related difficulties. You can seek our help about any personal issue, including anxiety and depression, relationships, sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment (recent or previous), study issues, grief, sexuality and gender, personal development and challenging life events. We assist with any aspirations or intentions you have in improving your strengths, skills, habits and how you live your life.

What are the benefits?

Counselling can improve your wellbeing and resilience, transform thoughts, feelings and behaviours, develop new strengths and skills and recover from challenging life events. Many students with emotional distress attend counselling once or twice before feeling better and within about three interactions 75% of students experience positive and lasting change in their wellbeing. Counselling benefits might include fewer symptoms or issues, improved mood, better day to day functioning, healthier relationships, being more active, feeling more confident and understanding yourself and others better.

In-person appointments

The most frequent way students access our services is by having face-to-face appointments on campus. You can book an appointment by calling Student Services or booking online. If you need help, it's important to talk to someone and having in-person appointments can be helpful. Counselling is about you—and how we can support you to feel better, achieve better and have a better life.

We have priority bookings to provide information, counselling and support to students for domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, childhood sexual abuse and other forms of personal violence or intimidation.

Video counselling

Video counselling appointments (VCA) have the same principles as in-person appointments. You and your counsellor meet at an agreed time to discuss your difficulties and together you find ways that you can feel better, think more clearly, study better and help you feel better. Instead of an appointment on campus in person, your counsellor will video call you for your appointment. It is an easy and secure way to seek help as you can have sessions in your own home or other private spaces that suit you and your privacy.

Counselling Messaging

Counselling Messaging (CM) gives you access to ongoing support quickly and conveniently. It is suitable if you are seeking counselling help, have questions about your mental health or simply, just feel like you need to talk to someone. It is a secure, responsive and flexible medium, so you can get support without making an appointment. Once you are registered you have ongoing access to counselling via text.

Email Counselling Exchanges

Email Counselling Exchanges (ECE) is an effective way to discuss personal issues with a counsellor who will help you consider any changes you want to make in your life. Instead of an appointment on-campus in person, emails are exchanged between you and a counsellor. It is a secure, flexible and effective way to seek help as you write emails in a time most convenient to you. Once registered, you have access to six exchanges in a calendar year.

Crisis support, personal violence and suicide response and prevention

Crisis Support

If you are in urgent need of help, please call 000 (ambulance). You can also call or text our Crisis Support Service. Call 1300 785 442 or text 0488 884 146 for the Crisis Support Service.

If you are concerned about a student's wellbeing, you can refer the student to our service on their campus. Appointments are voluntary and confidential. You can also consult with us about responding to students who are in distress or at risk.

Crisis Contacts

Personal Violence Response and Prevention

The counselling and wellbeing service provides specialised counselling, information and support to students for domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, childhood sexual abuse and other forms of personal violence or intimidation.

We also conduct programs and activities to raise awareness about respectful behaviour, consent, sexual violence, harassment and domestic violence.

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Suicide Response and Prevention

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44.

Information and resources provided are ways to seek help if you feel you need it, helping someone who is considering suicide and understanding grief following losing someone and bereavement.

If you’re concerned about someone else in relation to self-injury or suicide, there are steps you can take to help them.

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Wellbeing services

We provide ongoing training and workshops for students and staff on multiple topics, including Mental Health First Aid. We develop and facilitate workshops and training for academic and professional staff to suit students' needs and interests.

Information for staff

If you're a staff member supporting students at Griffith, or you are seeking support for yourself and your family members, Griffith have a range of support options.

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Self-help resources

Self-help resources to improve your wellbeing and life. Explore a variety of resources, including videos on mental heath topics, webinars and helpful websites and apps. This collection is designed to help you develop useful strategies and skills to focus, feel better and improve your wellbeing.

Helpful resources

Workshops and training

Whether you'd like to attend training or organise a workshop for your students, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

We also offer accredited Mental Health First Aid training throughout the year for staff and students.

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Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Griffith University is committed to the mental health and wellbeing of all students. The Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy represents one element of Griffith University’s overall Healthy University Framework that emphasises staff and student physical and mental wellbeing, a healthy lifestyle, healthy places, and a healthy community. It emphasises the importance of a strong culture in terms of equity, diversity, inclusion, respect, and safety.

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