University position on working remotely

24 July 2020

The University supports flexible work arrangements including working from time to time in locations that are more convenient, appropriate to the circumstances we experience and are balanced by supporting the achievement of our objectives and outcomes.

Who can work remotely?

If a member of your team approaches you to discuss working remotely, it is very important to consider their work location in the context of the work they do.

Some work is required to be done on campus and others can be done at any location. Most staff will find that, at times, there are on and off campus requirements of their job.

The Working Anywhere, Anytime guidelines and checklist are available to assist you and your staff member in deciding if working remotely is suitable for their role.

You can also discuss these arrangements with your HR Business Partner if you need further advice.

Working remotely during COVID-19

It may not be possible to have every staff member working on campus at once until a vaccine is available as the number of staff per office space will be limited by social distancing requirements.

If a staff member, someone in their household or someone their care for is at increased risk of becoming severely ill if exposed to COVID-19, they should be supported to continue working from home.

Visit the Returning Working on campus web page for more information on the COVID Safe Plan.

What you need to know

  • The Head of Element is the accountable officer for those staff who report to them who choose to work remotely either full or part time
  • As a University, we adopt a consistent and fair approach
  • Essential services for students and staff must continue to operate
  • Transition to working remotely must not disrupt critical services – take a staged approach if needed

Support for managers

Working from home and managing staff working from home present challenges that differ from the campus-based work environment. Information is available for staff and managers throughLearning and Development Working Anywhere, Anytime webapage about working to support individual staff and teams, connect, develop and grown teams working at a distance.

How to support your staff from working remotely

  1. Visit the working remotely website to familiarise yourself with the available support options and recommendations for working from home. Encourage your team to do the same.
  2. Have a discussion with staff member or team who wish to work remotely. Work together to develop a plan which ensures they can be productive while working from home. Organise regular days to work on campus if there are tasks which must be completed on site.
  3. Review the Working Flexibly – Anywhere, Anytime guidelines with your staff.
  4. Each staff member who wishes to work remotely must complete the Working Anywhere, Anytime Self-Assessment Checklist, including the online training modules, and return the checklist to you.
  5. Allow your staff to take home equipment they need to set up their home office, such as desktops and monitors. These items should be recorded in the checklist, with photo’s attached if available.
  6. Resources are available to support staff and leadersin working remotely.

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