Criteria and Eligibility

At Griffith, we believe in, strive for and celebrate the Remarkable.

Our Professional and Support Staff play a valuable role in the achievement of the University’s strategic goals and overall success.  This remarkable contribution is celebrated through The Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Professional and Support Staff Service.

This award scheme allows for the recognition of remarkable individuals and teams who have contributed to the spirit, achievements, and aspirations of University. An individual or team’s contribution may be as a result of sustained high-level performance or a significant stand-alone achievement.

The renewal of the categories for The Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Professional and Support Staff Service creates stronger alignment to the key enablers, values, and frameworks that are outlined in the University’s Strategic Plan and Our People Plan.  The new award categories aim to encourage greater recognition of the range of service and impact that professional and support staff make to the University. 

All professional and support staff are eligible to be nominated in at least one category.

Self-nominations are unable to be accepted.


2019 Timeline
Nominations OpenMonday 13 May
Nominations CloseFriday 7 June
Selection panel meetsAugust
Awards AnnouncedSeptember
Breakfast CelebrationsNathan 5 November, Gold Coast 8 November


Award Categories

Remarkable and excellent performance is that which is considered to be well above and beyond the normal job requirements. It is performance that can be readily and fairly differentiated from the normal appropriate level of performance expected in the position that person holds.

The nominations for the 2019 Awards open on 13 May 2019.

Excellent performance will be recognised in the areas of:

Remarkable Begins Here

A Remarkable Contribution

We as a University recognise the inspirational, passionate and purposeful contribution that any professional and support staff member can make to the University and colleagues.  A remarkable employee makes a difference, leaves a lasting and positive impression and is a role model for Griffith University values and our purpose.

Award Category - A Remarkable Contribution

Value - $6000.00 and Vice Chancellor’s Medal

Please note applications for this award are closed. The selection panel will shortlist potential candidates from the entire pool of award nominees.

Excellence in Client Partnership

We recognise those individuals whose service is regarded as exceptional and beyond that expected of the nominee’s normal duties and or through a significant stand-alone achievement.

Award Category - Excellence in Client Partnership

Staff Category - 1.  HEW 1- 5  and  2.  HEW 6 - 10

Value - 1. $4000.00  and  2. $4000.00

Excellence in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The principles of social justice, respect and inclusion are fundamental to our University and we believe that all people have inherent dignity and the right to be treated equitably.  We recognise remarkable role models, allies and champions who bring to life our values and principles of equity, diversity and inclusion within the University and the wider community

Award Category - Excellence in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Value - $4000.00 individual  $8000.00 team

Excellence in Enhancing Research

As a University, we recognise and encourage an outstanding contribution or initiative in support services that has helped enhance Research capacity or outcomes at either Departmental level or University-wide level.

Award Category - Excellence in Enhancing Research

Value - $4000.00 individual  $8000.00 team

Excellence in Enhancing Teaching

As a University, we recognise and encourage outstanding contribution or initiative in support services that has helped enhance Teaching outcomes at either Departmental level or University-wide level.

Award Category - Excellence in Enhancing Teaching

Value - $4000.00 individual   $8000.00 team

Excellence in Enhancing the Student Experience

The student experience is vital to Griffith University and we recognise and encourage excellence in attracting and retaining students and improving their experience at Griffith.

Award Category - Excellence in Enhancing the Student Experience

Value - $4000.00 individual  $8000.00 team

Excellence in Community Engagement and Service

Community engagement is an important link both internally and externally. We recognise and encourage remarkable service which engages the community, fosters best practice in University community engagement and enhances the reputation of the University.

Award Category - Excellence in Community Engagement and Service

Value - $4000.00 individual  $8000.00 team

Excellence in Innovation

Innovation is key to Griffith’s ongoing success and we recognise those individuals and/or teams that have developed and implemented innovations within the workplace that improve the University’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Award Category - Excellence in Innovation

Value - $4000.00

Excellence in Leadership

Leadership makes a difference and we recognise and reward leaders who role model our values and who inspire and lead others to be remarkable and to make a remarkable contribution to the strategic priorities of University, Department or Portfolio.

Award Category - Excellence in Leadership

Value - $4000.00

Congratulations to all past nominees and award recipients

Nomination Process

All staff and students are encouraged to recognise excellent work by a staff member or a team of staff by nominating them for one or more of the award categories.

It is important to note that staff are unable to nominate themselves. This also applies when a staff member/supervisor/manager nominates their work team for a team award, that individual cannot be included in the team for reward purposes.

** Please note - when nominating specific members of a team, please ensure you identify those team members otherwise it will be assumed that the whole team is nominated.  Any attachments to nominations are to be 2 pages maximum.

In order to ensure we have adequate time to review and assess,  nominations will close 5pm Friday 7 June 2019.  Late nominations are unable to be considered.

Selection Panel and Process

A selection panel will  consider all eligible nominations received against each award category and provide recommendations to the Vice Chancellor.  The panel may seek additional information from the nominator or from the nominee's Head of Department/Element.  The Vice Chancellor's decision is final.

The selection panel is made up of the following members:

  • Chair - Vice President (Corporate Services)
  • Panel member - Pro Vice Chancellor
  • Panel member - Group Pro Vice Chancellor appointed annually by the Vice Chancellor

Nominations will be received by People and Wellbeing who will verify the eligibility of nominees.  Please note, any attachments to nominations are to be 2 pages maximum.

Category winners and highly commended nominees will be notified in writing by the Vice Chancellor, of their achievement.


The award money may be taken as personal remuneration (subject to PAYG tax), or may be used at the recipient's discretion for work related purposes (e.g. for equipment purchases or to offset costs for participation in personal development activities).

Note: relevant taxation will apply to salary payments.  Any equipment purchased by the University with award monies remains the property of the University, subject to the University Assets Policy.  Any expenditure of award monies (other than money paid as salary) should conform with the Financial Management Practice Manual.

A function will be held to celebrate the achievements of award winners and highly commended nominees.


The policy statement on these awards is available at the Griffith Policy Library.

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